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The True Key to Stronger Immunity: Prevention

We live in a society with high-tech innovations accomplishing major technology breakthroughs but at the cost of forgetting about nature and neglecting our true connection to it. For that, our health is suffering and oftentimes diseases that didn’t exist just a few decades ago seam to be appearing and we cannot figure out how to treat them. Modern technology cannot find all the solutions to each and every illness because the key lies in the prevention. Truth is, most of the time we don’t even have to invent new cures or remedies, as those most helpful are usually the ones that have been around the longest. So, how can we prevent illness and stay healthy? It's actually quite simple: by strengthening and supporting the immune system with medicinal plants and herbs, using natural remedies for autoimmune disease of any kind (of course with the guidance of your doctor).

The Immune System: The Engine That Drives

Before going further to explain more about the best antiviral support supplement and which best plant-based supplements to boost your immune system exist, let’s take a closer at the immune system and what it does for us...

Namely, the immune system consists of organs, cells and proteins in an interactive network all communicating with each other. That means that when one part of your body suffers, you might feel pain in a completely another part of your body which at first sight might seem unrelated. For instance, eating too much processed food may induce Crohn’s disease which is a gut-related issue and in turn might cause mood swings from mild to severe ones including depression and anxiety, as per this study. But Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease which means it largely depends on the state of your immune system and how you support it.

Furthermore, the immune system works on neutralizing and clearing any pathogens from your body such as parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria that might enter through the air or with the food you’re eating. Scientists found that the immune system also recognizes any harmful substances in your body and even detects and destroys your own cells that have started altering due to an illness in the body. The major source of immune system cells is the bone marrow. It is there that these cells form and then are transported to various tissues through the blood and the lymphatic system.

When the immune system works well, a healthy person doesn’t catch a cold, any viruses or bacterial infections. However, with the immune system being overactive or underactive, you might start feeling chronic fatigue, get severe infections and allergies as well as various autoimmune diseases.

The good news is that the immune system constantly changes and adapts to everything you expose it to. From medicinal plants and herbs to supplements to boost your immune system, you can pretty easily turn the tides in your favor and maybe even reverse any illness that you face. How? Well, there are certain plants and substances that act as natural remedies for different autoimmune diseases and support your immune system throughout the day. You see, there are two parts of your immunity – the innate and the adaptive immune system. The first part is the immune system that defends you against pathogens while the second part of the immune system is in charge of fighting specific pathogens that are already in the body causing harm. Scientists have recently discovered these two parts of the immune system and how they complement each other.

How to boost your immune system?

Having all that said, now you understand the importance of having a strong immune system be able to defend you against any viruses and diseases that may be lurking around the corner. But can you achieve all that with a healthy diet and lifestyle only? Yes and no. Thing is, while you can improve your health, in general, a lot by avoiding processed food and exercising, you need extra support from nature. You see, in the past the soil on which our fruit and vegetables grew used to be mineral-rich transferring all needed nutrients to the produce for us to consume. Today that isn’t the case. The soil is depleted and the air and water are polluted making it impossible to get everything we need from food. Luckily, plant-based, natural supplements like the Elderberry Vitality+ exist bringing all the essentials in a form of naturally compressed nutrients.

To dig a little deeper and further explain our antiviral support supplement, Elderberry Vitality+ as part of our line of supplements to boost your immune system, below we are going to explore each immune-stimulating ingredient that goes into it's unique formula and works on giving your immune system the boost it needs.

The Elderberry Vitality+ Immune System Boosters

The Elderberry Plant

The elderberry as a plant has been around for many centuries before humans discovered it for its healing abilities. There are even ancient texts documenting how Hippocrates, the “father of medicine,” used this plant and recommended it to people he was treating. At that time technology wasn’t as advanced so people didn’t know why each plant healed certain diseases, but regardless, they trusted nature and used its medicinal plants and herbs.

The reason why we have used the elderberry plant as part of our Elderberry Vitality Plus supplements to boost your immune system is that many studies showed its potency. For instance, here you can see how scientists have discovered that Elderberry was able to reduce the duration of flu if taken in the first 48 hours of noticing the first symptoms. They published these findings in the Journal of International Medical Research and stated there that they were able to reduce the flu on an average of four days earlier. That is a major improvement of using just one simple plant in order to boost the patients’ immune systems.

Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw is another plant used in the Elderberry Vitality Plus which was shown numerous times as able to strengthen and support the function of the immune system both in humans and animals. The first results of increasing the count of the infection-fighting white blood cells came in just eight weeks from taking a water-soluble extract of cat’s claw. Improving the white blood cells in such short notice with no signs of chronic toxicity is astonishing. In another study, scientists gave cat’s claw to patients for eight weeks as well, and then they gave them pneumonia vaccination to observe how their immune system behaved. The researchers were surprised how the results showed “statistically significant immune enhancement” as opposed to the control group of people who received the placebo instead of the cat’s claw. Furthermore, this plant isn’t only an antiviral support supplement, but it also fights inflammation, especially in those suffering from Crohn’s. Namely, they were given 250 milligrams per day and had their unwanted Crohn’s symptoms significantly improved.

Lemon Balm

Native to Europe and the Middle East, member of the mint family also known as Melissa officinalis, the Lemon balm is a perennial plant with not only immune–boosting properties but also a high level of antibacterial activity in the fight against candida. If someone suffers from candida they will experience exhaustion, digestive issues, brain fog, and an overall weakened immune system as part of the common symptoms. With the lemon balm contained in the Elderberry Vitality Plus, you can fight all these easily. Moreover, the lemon balm plant has scientifically-proven apoptotic effects that fight cancer cells that affect the organ lining which separates the affected organs from the rest of the body. It is also known that lemon balm fights the breast cancer cell line (MCF-7), liver cancer, colorectal cancer cell line, and 2 types of leukemia cancer cells. Another study proved that lemon balm decreases oxidative stress caused by radiation by increasing antioxidant cells. Based on this, it is now recommended that if you were or are currently exposed to low levels of radiation anywhere in the world should take lemon balm supplements to boost your immune system and prevent damage on a cellular level.

Furthermore, those suffering from high levels of inflammation are advised to take lemon balm supplements because of their antioxidant support. Chronic inflammation causes many diseases in the long run, so preventing or reversing it while it’s still early is the key to pain-free living.

Licorice Root

Licorice root today is mostly known as the additive included in packaged food because of its strong candy flavor. However, the herb itself is known as Glycyrrhiza glabra as it worth much more than a strong candy flavoring. This plant is native to Asia, Europe, and specifically in the Mediterranean part. In early medicine, it was a part of the treatment for leaky gut, while the Chinese used it as a “guidance medicine”. What this means is that licorice root was given to the sick person along with another medicinal herb, and its job was to guide the second plant to the place that it needed to be healed. Another set of benefits of licorice root is the boost in energy and endurance plus the effective support of the immune system. As an adaptive plant that affects many processes in the body, it is recommended to be taken in cycles of 12 weeks. However, DGL licorice is considered safe when taken long-term as immune support. A study with people suffering from hormonal imbalances (mostly cortisol) due to stress, showed positive results in balancing out the hormone levels. Furthermore, licorice root in users helped prevent ulcers, while other studies showed further regulation of hormones in women, androgen and testosterone to be more specific, and with the regulation of those, there was a significant fat reduction in the women in the studies as well.


Zinc is a mineral typically found in liver, seafood, and leafy greens, however, not in the optimal amounts needed for proper everyday function of the body. This is why supplementing it through Elderberry Vitality Plus supplements to boost your immune system is very beneficial. Namely, zinc helps you fight off the common cold and flu as soon as the first symptoms are felt. Research has successfully proven that zinc interferes with mucus production destroying the bacteria that causes it, preventing the cold completely or significantly reducing the time it takes for the body to fight off the illness. Other research presented zinc as a cleaner of the nasal passages. Namely, those who have sinus problems can use zinc supplementation as a way to clear their nasal problems.

Furthermore, the Medical Education Center of Chandigarh India discovered zinc as a natural supplement that can stop the cold-related symptoms either completely in some people, or it can speed up the recovery time if it was given to the patients in the first 24 hours of the appearance of the cold. Their symptoms were weaker and disappeared in 5 to 7 days without developing a fever or other more serious problems. However, this is in people who didn’t supplement with zinc or any other medicinal plants and herbs. Given that a person will be supplementing zinc and other beneficial medicinal plants and herbs through Elderberry Vitality Plus, there will be no need for the detection of early cold-related symptoms as their immune system will be strong enough to destroy any pathogens as they come in contact with the body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that we have all heard about and taken as children. It was one of the first to be discovered in the early onset of modern medicine and since then, it was isolated and supplemented as such in the treatment of various immune–related illnesses. While loading up with high vitamin C foods is very helpful in combating the flu and cold during the colder months, if you want to improve your immunity, then supplementing with the Elderberry Vitality+ as an antiviral support supplement that contains vitamin C in its Ester C form is highly beneficial. You see, while ascorbic acid (vitamin C as we most commonly know it) was first made as a vitamin C supplement, today it was found that vitamin C in its Ester C form is much more readily absorbable and better tolerated by people than the ascorbic acid vitamin C. Namely, in this study scientists gave people Ester C and ascorbic acid and tested them while was better. The Ester C came out as 72% more favorable by the participants over the ascorbic acid. It was determined that Ester C caused a significantly smaller number of epigastric adverse effects on those who were sensitive to acidic foods and took it regularly.

There was recently a review published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism where scientists were able to prove that vitamin C did not only shorten the duration of respiratory tract infections but also lowered the symptoms of the common cold, malaria, pneumonia, and helps with the recovery from diarrhea.

Rose Hips

Last but certainly not least, the Elderberry Vitality Plus contains rosehip as part of the medicinal plants and herbs in the mixture. Namely, rose hips with its unique combination of vitamins and essential nutrients were found to successfully stimulate the immune system. By supplementing with it you are able to strengthen and support your immune system, lowering all oxidative damage and inflammatory processes caused by stressful conditions. Rose hips plant was also found to have anticancer properties. This in vitro study (lab study) and the results were published in the Cancer Research journal. Namely, scientists took tissue cultures already affected by breast cancer cell lines (HCC70, HCC1806, and luminal HCC1500) and treated them with high concentrations of rosehip extract. As the scientists said in the published article, the findings were quite positive and promising for all future prevention and treatment of cancer: “Each of the breast cancer cell lines was treated with rosehip extracts (1mg/mL to 25ng/mL) demonstrated a significant decrease in cell proliferation.”Furthermore, it was determined that if caught on time, the pretreatment of cancer cell lines could be significantly reduced in MAPK and AKT– two of the major enzymes that promote cancer cell growth.

However, while treating cancer and boosting the immune system is an excellent tribute for rose hips, it is important to mention the ability of this plant to alleviate arthritis symptoms when taken on a daily basis after just three short weeks. This plant blocks the activation of proteins in charge of the unhealthy degradation of joint tissue situated in the cartilage cells. It also decreases chemotaxis (the transportation of immune cells into the tissue) proving beneficial with its anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects.

A study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology presented rosehip as a natural remedy for those suffering from osteoarthritis. This study was a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover which looked at 94 patients with osteoarthritis either of the hip or the knee. Scientists gave half of the patients five grams of an herbal remedy made from a subspecies of rose hips (Rosa canina) each day for a duration of three months, while the second half of the study group was given a placebo. In the first month of those three, while the study lasted, the patients who received five grams of a subspecies of rose hips (Rosa canina) reported a tremendous relief in pain, while the placebo group reported none. This study as well as this one reported a reduction in pain and stiffness in patients suffering from arthritis and experiencing early symptoms.

Key Takeaways

In retrospect, it's important to take care of our body and every aspect of it in order to experience healthy, vital living. With the modernization of medicine, we now understand how nature works and how each plant interacts with our body healing us without the use of modern-day drugs with a plethora of side effects. Elderberry Vitality+ with its set of medicinal plants and herbs is able to significantly support and aid the fight with viral infections because of it's antimicrobial and immune-boosting properties. While you can lead a healthy life by exercising and avoiding processed sugar and food, healthy supplements to boost your immune system like the Elderberry Vitality+ help tremendously in the support of all vital processes in your body as showcased by each study in this text.

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