How To Stay Safe Amidst the Covid-19 Scare

Amidst the corona scare sweeping the nation and globe, it is hard not to get swept up in all of the media surrounding it. Some things are important, and always have been. Here is a seemingly obvious list followed by some steps you can take to protect yourselves.

DO, wash your hands, be socially minded, stay informed, plan ahead and try at best to stay positive. In the simplest terms, DO NOT touch your face, panic, hoard and live in fear. No amount of toilet paper, or money you get from selling said toilet paper, will keep you from getting ill if your immune system is not functioning up to par.

Even if you are less susceptible to catching the virus, this does not mean that you cannot pass it on to a more vulnerable person. Be smart! Take preventative measures to ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and your community. You have a social responsibility to do so.

A healthy immune system is fundamental in ensuring you don’t get sick. You may be wondering, how exactly can you boost your immune system? You might be seeing a lot of fear mongering online, telling you to buy such and such product to stay safe. The truth is, the best things you can do are listed above, from washing your hands, to just being plain mindful. However, that being said, boosting your immune system definitely won’t hurt!

Here are the top ways to make sure you’re taking the right steps to keep that immune system functioning at its peak performance!

1. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables! This is key! Foods high in Vitamin C include; peppers, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, papaya, and kiwi’s .. to name a few! Get in those vitamins and nutrient dense foods! And when you can’t, make sure to supplement. Not one supplement alone is required for optimal health but some definitely take the cake. Vitamin C is key! Better yet, supplement with Ester-C through this elderberry vitality+ capsule, a powerful antiviral support supplement. Given we are still experiencing cold weather in the northern hemisphere, it is imperative that you supplement with vitamin D, if you haven’t been already! Omega rich foods, probiotics, etc., all of this helps! If you struggle with cooking healthy meals, perhaps look into one of those food prep deliveries, or cook with a friend, or your children! Make an activity out of it!

2. Get adequate rest! We’re talking 8 hours a night! Or whatever you need to be feeling your sharpest and well-rested self! It really is a snowball effect. It is called the Immune SYSTEM. System, which means a lot of factors come into play. Sleep being one of them and sleep is also multi-faced. Stress and sleep often go hand in hand. Too much stress, equates to not enough sleep. Not enough sleep, has you feeling run down and stressed. But what can you do if you struggle with getting adequate sleep? Try to turn off all electronics before bedtime. Have you ever heard of black out shades? Try them! Try a bedtime routine unique to your style and preference. A warm beverage, read a book and try supplementing with lemon balm, or a mild sedative! Our product includes this mild sedative which you may find calming to take right before bedtime.

3. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Vague? Yes, but we are talking about the obvious here. Quit smoking. If you’re a heavy drinker, cut down! These toxins are heavy on an already taxed immune system. You want to be giving your body the fighting chance it deserves. Flooding and clogging it with toxins is not going to help. We are already facing an enormous amount of toxins in our everyday lives through our air, deodorants, and plastics, that we don’t need to be purposefully running down our systems. In times of struggle, we really need to be working on our optimal selves. So if you smoke or drink heavily this would be a great time to consider the benefits of quitting these nasty habits.

And, use supplements to boost your immune system. There are plenty of medicinal plants and herbs out there that do wonders to help protect our health.

4. Exercise regularly. By doing so you are keeping things moving, literally and figuratively. Exercise is important for cardiovascular health, and promoting good circulation. This might also be a good time to say, don’t over do it! Too much exercise can be taxing and stressful on an overly taxed immune system. Be gentle with yourself but at the same time, get in a good sweat from time to time!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? We get it! No need to hit the ground running. One step at a time. Taking care of your physical and mental health amongst all of the media craze currently circulating is difficult. It is important to slowly take steps in ensuring your immune system is working at its best. For starters, if you don’t know where to start, consider incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Consider supplementing with our unique formula to give you an upper edge. Once you’ve tackled what you are putting in your body it’s time to take extra steps in getting it moving. Start by taking a short walk, daily. Get out of your house, and off of your phone, and enjoy some fresh air. Just 5 minutes the first day, then work upwards from there. Don’t have time? Make it! Trust us, you’ll feel so much better. Try to get outside on your lunch break. You won’t regret it.

Now get that quality sleep in! Shut down the TV, your phone, and all that noise, minimum 30 minutes before bed time tonight and enjoy a warm beverage while being thankful for the vessel you are taking the time to take care of. Be still in knowing you are doing your best to take care of yourself and your family. Do not live in fear, this will only propagate stress. Write down how you are feeling, and know this too shall pass. Everyday you have to eat, sleep and move. Seems obvious doesn’t it? These pillars will have you functioning optimally, giving you a fighting chance against this nasty virus.

Cheers to good health!

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