The inspiration...

We are ex-big pharma renegades that were tired of letting autoimmune illness

get in the way of leading healthy and fulfilling lives.

While working for pharmaceutical giants, we tried numerous drugs to get better.  These drugs only seemed to treat symptoms and often come with unwanted side effects.


Through extensive research and clinical data, we found strong evidence to suggest that most autoimmune diseases were caused by viruses.  We also discovered that many natural herbs could help minimize their harmful effects.

We chose to go back to nature and created unique formulas that helped us

get better.  Now we'd like to share them with you.

This is why we created The Vital Plant.

Much Love and Respect,

Your Friends At The Vital Plant

elderberry, the vital plant
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What people have been saying about The Vital Plant

"I began taking EbV+ around two months ago and now I can’t go without it!  These supplements have prevented me from getting sick and even improved my sleep.  I will continue to take EbV+ daily as I pursue my goal of reaching optimal health holistically!"

Jessica Y.

Highest Quality Standards

Independently Tested and Manufactured in an

FDA Approved Facility

We’ve made it our mission to source only the highest quality ingredients that have been independently tested (but never on animals) for safety and purity. 


We work closely with only the most sustainable suppliers to ensure the safety of our planet too.


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Our products do not contain gluten, wheat, soy preservatives, or magnesium stearate.